CCTV Installation

cctv-camera-iconWhen it comes to safety and security, we are proud to install CCTV systems. Whether it’s a domestic or commercial property, we can supply, install and set up recording CCTV systems. The systems we install include mobile viewing so whether you have a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone; we can assure you that you will be able to connect to your cameras and view them live and even play back past recordings (depending on your internet connection).

All systems we install include outside/weather proof cameras aswell as the cables, so you can be sure that they won’t be damaged when it rains. Our cameras are also capable of night vision so when it’s dark or if the lights go out, your cameras still see what’s happening. They are in full colour during the day and are black and white when it’s dark.

If you are in the Somerset/Dorset area of the UK, we will be more than happy to come out onsite to give you a quotation, if you would like a quick-quote over the phone, please feel free to contact us. All of our quotations are free of charge depending on location.

All of our systems come with at least one years worth of warranty. Our typical turn around is within a week of the quote being accepted. We will set up the system on any devices such as smartphones so you can connect to them while being off-site.

If you have unreliable power, we can also supply a UPS that will power the CCTV system, the screen and possibly your router depending on location. This means if the power went out, the system still records. A UPS is a battery backup, take for example a laptop, if you unplug the charger, it stays on for as long as the battery lasts.

51wblh4ckjlYou would need to have signs up to say that you are recording. We will supply the appropriate signs with the system we install, you can then choose where you want them, they will need to be in-sight of people who can be seen by the cameras.

To record CCTV, you must have a license from the SIA (Security Indistury Authorative) It is the customer’s responsability to obtain the license, we will help the customer apply if necessary. You can apply here:

If you would like someone to call you and discuss coming out to give you an estimated quote, please fill out the form below, or call our CCTV department directly on 01935 580704